Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

  1. When is the Best Time of Year to Come to Koh Samui?
  2. Are Your Weddings Legal?
  3. Is Your Legal Service Accepted Internationally?
  4. What is the Difference Between Your "Platinum" & "Gold" Services?
  5. Are Your Ceremonies Religious?
  6. What if We Want a Religious Ceremony?
  7. Does the Celebrant Speak English?
  8. Do You Offer Other Celebrant Languages?
  9. Can We Write Our Own Vows?
  10. Can You Rent Wedding Dresses or Clothing on Koh Samui?
  11. Do I Need a Visa to Enter Thailand?
  12. Is Thailand Safe?
  13. What is the Easiest Way to Get to Koh Samui?
  14. Can You Arrage Accommodations on Koh Samui for Us?
  15. Can You Arrange Tours or Other Fun Activities for Us While We are on Koh Samui?
  16. Why Do You Only Use Bank Transfers?
  17. I'm Nervous About Sending Money Online, How Do I Know You Are Going to Be There When We Arrive?
  18. Does Koh Samui Have Modern Facilities?


When is the Best Time of Year to Come to Koh Samui?



Generally speaking, the nicest times on Koh Samui are February-May. It begins to get hotter in June and stays hot until August. Our Monsoon (don't be nervous - this is just wet weather, nothing dangerous) season runs mid-October through mid-December, sometimes carrying over through January.

Peak Season is around Christmas & New Year's time and lasts around 3 weeks, varying from place to place.

If you want the best rates, Low Season on Koh Samui is around mid-May to mid-July and again mid-September to mid-December.

High Season is considered mid-January through the end of April and again mid-July to mid-September.

There are 2 popular holidays every year; "Songkran" (Thai Neew Year) is 13th-15th of April and the locals tend to take long holidays at this time. I recommend looking this holiday up online to see - it's indescribable - and FUN!

The second is Chinese (Lunar) New Year and this holiday varies year to year, based on the lunar cycle. The island fills up with Chinese tourists at this time.



Are Your Weddings Legal?



No matter where you get married in Thailand; a Church, Temple, Beach or Garden, the service is NOT legal unless registered with the local Amphur (Local Registry Office).

Our weddings are not legally recognized unless you choose to file the proper paperwork personally in Bangkok (and Samui).


We offer a registration service for anyone who doesn't have the extra time in Bangkok to take care of all the legal requirements themselves.

NOTE - Many couples get legally married (on paper) in their home country prior to arriving in Thailand, then have their ceremony for the memories here on the beach in Samui. Some choose to register when they return home. You have the flexibility to choose what is best for you. About 50% of couples marry legally here, so you are not alone no matter where you choose to sign.



Is Your Legal Service Accepted Internationally?



Yes, most countries accept a Thai Marriage Certificate as a legal form of marriage proof, under Thai law. There are a few countries who do not, but I haven't ever experienced this personally. If you are not sure, you can email us to ask - or check out your embassy information through our link: Embassy/Consulate Information


What is the Difference Between Your "Platinum" & "Gold" Legal Services?



While both legal packages are complete (you don't need to take any other steps to complete), the biggest difference is I personally fly to Bangkok to meet you at your hotel or the airport and I go with you to your embassy and then I take you directly to my translator's office. From that point, you are done and we do everything else for you (with a few exceptions).

Platinum is really for couples who have never been to Bangkok or just want "Peace-of-Mind" are don't mind paying a little more for the security.

90% of my legal services are the Gold package because it contains excellent directions, easy to follow instructions and a map. No one has ever gotten lost with my directions.



Are Your Ceremonies Religious?



No. Our wedding ceremonies are secular and are designed to be based on love and commitment.

If you want to request a religious ceremony or a specific faith, such as; Catholic or Hindu, please inquire as to the availability. There may be a surcharge for this service.

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What if We Want a Religious Ceremony?



If you are looking for a religious service, this is available upon request. If you need an actual pastor, priest or Rabbai - we can arrange this per availability. Some religions do not allow ceremonies outside of their Church, Synagogue or Temple.

If you do not need a religious leader for your ceremony but want to add elemennts of your beliefs, this is highly encouraged. Our ceremonies are supposed to be what you want them to be, there are only guidelines, no rules.

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Does the Celebrant Speak English?



Yes, I do. I have performed more than 1,400+ ceremonies since I began in 2003. For all my weddings at A Beach Affaire I am the celebrant unless you request another and pay their fee. I have three (3) other celebrants on my Samui Celebrant team, and each of them are native English speakering.
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Do You Offer Other Celebrant Languages?



If you would like a ceremony in a language other than English, I will need to secure the services of a colleage and there is a 'speciality' ceremony fee. The other languages that are available are - JAPANESE, GERMAN, ITALIAN, FRENCH & SPANISH

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Can We Write Our Own Vows?



Absolutely! This is highly encouraged. As long as you are having a Western-Style wedding and there are no religious conflicts (with the minister, if applicable).

All our secular ceremonies are open to most sub ceremonies, such as; water blessings, sand ceremonies, hand-fasting, etc.

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Can You Rent Wedding Dresses or Clothing on Koh Samui?



Yes. We have several quality tailors we can recommend in Samui if you want to have anything personally designed for you. Men's and women's fashions are available. Wedding dresses can be made, but the dress will probably not be ready in time for the ceremony.

Tailored clothing here is of excellent quality and the prices are more than reasonable compared to their Western counterparts. Many people save a lot of money when they tailor their business clothes here while on holiday.
There is rental clothing available, including wedding dresses.

Interested in a Thai-Themed Wedding? We have beautiful traditional Thai marriage costumes for rent.

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Do I Need a Visa to Enter Thailand?



No. Most countries are allowed a minimum of 30 days upon arrival. As always different countries sometimes have very different regulations. If you are unsure you can check your embassy's online information.

If you want to play it safe or are planning to spend no more than 60 days in Thailand (but more than 30), then a TOURIST VISA is needed.

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Is Thailand Safe?



Yes. Thailand is no safer or more dangerous than your home country, in most respects. Unexpected things can happen anywhere. It’s VERY important that you don't turn off your brain when you switch on your holiday thinking.

  • There is now an early warning Tsunami system in place along the West Coast of Thailand to prevent another disaster. Koh Samui was not affected at all the tsunami in 2004.
  • There is NO religious fighting anywhere near Koh Samui.
  • The coup and replacement of the government, as far as foreigners are concerned, is as if nothing has happened.

In summary - Come visit all the tourist destinations in Thailand with confidence. Most Thai's are wonderful people with incredibly big hearts. You can make new friends that will last a lifetime.

Thailand is amazing and opens it's arms to you for discovery. Come and enjoy.



What is the Easiest Way to Get to Koh Samui?



Koh Samui has a exotic, open-walled airport located just 5 minutes from the islands most popular area, Chaweng Beach. When you arrive you will instantly feel like you've landed on a tropical island. The flight is only a short 50 minute journey from Bangkok.

There are also international flights from; Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong & Cambodia.

Bangkok Air is the standard airline for the island with FireFly and Thai Airways also flying regular routes.

There is an overnight train available from Bangkok to Suratthani with sleeper cars. If you like to meet new people, then 2nd Class (Air-Con or Fan) is popular. If you're after some privacy, then a 1st Class Cabin is youyr best bet. The cabins consist of 2 bunks (upper and lower) and you will need to purchase BOTH or someone you don't know might get the other. This is important if you are traveling in odd-numbers.

And since Koh Samui is an island, if you travel by land, you will need to complete your journey by taking one of the big ferries that cross around every 2 hours during the day.

So in case you are not sure - flying is the EASIEST way to get to Koh Samui.

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Can You Arrage Accommodations on Koh Samui for Us?



Yes. We have contacts with Hotels, Resorts and Private Luxury Villas to fully accommodate any need you might have.

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Can You Arrange Tours or Other Fun Activities for Us While We are on Koh Samui?



Absolutely! We have a list of tours and activities you might like ranging from golf to sailing to cooking class and so much more.

Have something you know you want to do? Let me know.

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Why Do You Only Use Bank Transfers?



Since the day I opened the company in 2007, I have had to use Bank Transfers because the local bank will only issue me a credit card machine that accepts cards that are physically 'swiped' through the machine, therefore to make payments from abroad, Bank Transfers were the best way.

There are also numerous scams that prey upon small companies that accept credit cards and I am too small to take the chance of this happening.

A few times I have received payments through Western Union.

And there have been times where I accepted a final payment in cash after the couple arrived on Samui.

If you you are nervous about sending me money because you don't know me or are afraid of scams - I am happy to hear you have a concern. Now, read below...

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I'm Nervous About Sending Money Online, How Do I Know You Are Going to Be There When We Arrive?



I have permanently lived on Koh Samui more than 15 years. I began as a Celebrant in 2003 and have since then conducted more than 1,400+ wedding ceremonies. I started Samui Celebrant in 2006 and in 2007 I founded A Beach Affaire Wedding Planning. I have organized hundreds of weddings on Koh Samui and I have hundreds of thousands of photos.

And if you need any independent reviews spanning more than 10 years, I recommend you do a quick internet search for, "Carter, Weddings, Samui" and this should put your mind at ease.

I have built a stellar reputation over the years and I aim to keep my couples more happy than they imagined they would be.

This includes you. ;-)

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Does Koh Samui Have Modern Facilities?



Yes! Koh Samui is a fully modernized island community with nearly everything you have back home. Over the last 10 years the island has really grown into a full service paradise.

The power is: 220v

December 31

Thailand Black-Out Registration Dates!

Thailand has several "Black-Out Dates" due to long national holidays
where the local "Amphur" (Registrar) is unavailable. This usually occurs during the Thai New Year (also know as Songkran, 13-15 April) and around New Years (31 Dec to 4 Jan) - with a few days either before or after the holiday to give them a long 5-7 days holiday. If you are planning a legal marriage around these times, contact us for more information.

Other important dates to consider are national holidays for YOUR country(ies) as well. Embassies/Consulates based in Bangkok are closed in observance of both Thai and your country's national holidays.